Sway in the Classroom

Sway is an app from Microsoft Office that makes it easy to create and share interactive reports, personal stories, presentations, and more.

Start by adding text and pictures, search for and import relevant content from other sources, and Sway then incorporates all of the items into a presentation.  Users are not limited to picking a pre-designed template that makes presentations look like everyone else’s and design skills that transform and showcase information in modern, interactive, and attention-getting ways are built in to the product.

With Sway, there’s no need to spend lots of time on formatting. Its built-in design engine takes care of making your creation look its best. If the initial design doesn’t quite match your taste or mood, you can easily apply another — or fully customize your layout to make it your own.

One feature in Sway is how easy it is to share Sway creations. Simply send a link to anyone you wish to share with and they can view the product. You can change the privacy settings for any presentation so that you can control who sees the content or who can edit the content.

Sway is free to use for anyone with a Microsoft Account. All staff and students have access to Sway by logging into Office 365, clicking the waffle and choosing Sway from the apps.

Below are some examples of Sway creations.


Need help getting started? Contact your school's computer curriculum specialist for training and classroom modeling. Below are links to helpful sites and documents.