Tech Help

The department designates specific devices which will be supported.  Standardization ensures that all devices purchased by school can be supported by the available staff.

Educators with technology needs may contact a specialist for that product. Please refer to the list below. While you can always contact your school's Computer Curriculum Specialists, the names of those individuals who work specifically with each product are listed below. Click on the specialist's name to send an e-mail.

You may also submit a technology work order through SchoolDude

Gary Cook

  • Acceptable Use
  • Achieve 3000 and eScience
  • BYOD
  • IXL
  • My McGraw-Hill Education (online textbooks)
  • My HRW (online textbooks)
  • Office 365 and email
  • Star and Accelerated Reader
  • WebTop 
Greg Chapman
  • Network access
  • Wireless internet
  • Work orders
Tammy Chapman and Dawn Gessel
  • LiveGrades
  • Shoretel/Mitel phone system
  • Pearson EasyBridge (non-AP online textbooks)
  • Professional Learning/PowerSchool
  • Voicemail
  • WVEIS, WOW and the portal
Susan Erwin
  • Assistive Technology
  • Online IEP
Dan McKneely
  • Clever
  • Coding
  • Imagine Learning
Dale Slack
  • Clever
  • STEM/Tech Ed
  • Imagine Learning
Kelly Thompson
  • Clever
  • Destiny and eBooks
  • Imagine Learning