West Virginia General Summative Assessment Resources

To ensure that all students are prepared for the WVGSA, teachers are encouraged to use the Interim Block Assessments and Diagnostic Assessments available on the West Virginia Portal (Click here).

Unless students have an accommodation for text-to-speech, they login to the computer using their WVEIS number and password to take an interim.  

Interim Block Assessments are national, and results can be viewed in AIRWays. Some Interims require hand scoring; hand scoring must be completed before results can be viewed. ​Hand scoring must be completed within 45 days of the test administration.

Diagnostic Assessments were written by West Virginia teachers. They align to the state standards and do not require hand scoring.  Results for Diagnostic Assessments administered after January 31, 2016 can be viewed in AIRWays.  Results for assessments given earlier are available in the Online Scoring System.

If you have given an assessment and can't find the results, please check this list.
  • The assessment administered was an interim or diagnostic.  Results are not available for Practice and Training tests.  
  • Students must complete all items in a single session in order to receive results.
  • Interim items must be hand scored before results are visible in AIRWays.
  • Students must be rostered before teachers can view scores.
Dr. Stacey Murrell provides many resources in OneDrive, including PDF copies of assessments, answer keys, and directions,  The URL is Use your email credentials to login to the site.

Teachers who wish use interims and diagnostics for group instruction may wish to use the Interim and Diagnostics Teacher Item Previewer. 

Copies of handouts used in county trainings are available below.