Winfield Child Development Center

Do you remember when you were four years old? You probably have a few memories and vivid recollections. Nevertheless, the preschool age is a time to cherish the simplicity of life and at the same time encounter the most rapid period of learning.

The Winfield Child Development Center, owned and operated by the Winfield Baptist Church, has been in existence since 1993. Childcare Director, Missy Kester, has been part of the planning process for the Putnam County Pre-K since 2003. The Winfield Child Development Center has been in collaboration with Putnam County Pre-K for four years. We offer before and after care and full day child care on Fridays.

The philosophy of the program is based on the understanding of the way children learn. Children learn by doing in order to make sense of their world. Young children's minds and bodies are in constant motion. At the Winfield Child Development Center, children are encouraged to explore and share their ideas. Play is a very important part of each child's day for learning and creative thought.

We are a little school with a big mission and enthusiastic love for children and their families. The Winfield Child Development Center invites you to join our Pre-K family.