Mountain View Elementary PreK

We believe that children learn best through play and discovery.  Our goal is to create an environment that allows your child to experience every aspect of learning while having fun and discovering this knowledge at their own individual pace.  We encourage problem-solving skills in daily activities to increase their ability to logically question and reason, build upon their prior experiences, and enhance their social abilities.  We have designed child-centered classrooms that encourage age-appropriate learning and development.

Instead of worksheets and hours filled with the drilling and practicing of skills, you will see your child come home with unique creations that he/she made, created, and completed independently.  It is through this process that your child not only learns, but creates their own knowledge of the world around them.  Our job as teachers is to encourage and help in this process by asking essential questions that promote independent thinking, problem-solving skills and social interactions, as well as, laying the foundations for pre-reading, math, and writing skills.