Hometown Elementary PreK

Welcome to Pre-K at Hometown Elementary.  Our preschool environment and curriculum is designed to encompass the children, their families, the community, and the world.  The Putnam County Pre-K program uses Creative Curriculum to guide the educational purposes and experiences of each individual child.  Our philosophy is designed to create a safe and positive learning environment to support individualized learning.  The teachers, families, and children work as a team to create all learning experiences based on the children’s interest through project-based learning.  Children learn in the moment with hands on teacher support. 

At Hometown Elementary, we believe school should be a positive experience for all children.  Throughout the year, children in our Pre-K program will learn the 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey.  Each habit exhibits a positive approach to teach children appropriate social and emotional skills.  Parents of our Pre-K students have the opportunity to review and implement these habits at home.  Check out these habits and additional information regarding our Pre-K classroom in our newsletters on the Hometown Elementary website.