Putnam County Schools 2018 STEM Fair

Putnam County Schools 2018 STEM Fair
Posted on 03/18/2018
Putnam County Schools 2018 STEM Fair Results and Awards The Putnam County STEM Fair was held Friday, March 30th, at West Virginia State University!

Putnam County Middle Schoolers demonstrated scientific thinking and creativity on a whole new level! Projects and presentations were out of this world. The future of STEM is bright!

Special thanks to WVSU's Dr. Michale Fultz, President Jenkins, and Putnam STEM Fair Coordinator Erika Klose for making this a phenomenal event for our students!

County-Wide Winners Included:

Environmental / Agricultural Innovation:
1st: Mallory McGinnis, WMS, "The Effects of Plastic Waste on the Ocean Ecosystem"
2nd: Maddie Erwin, WMS, "How Does Solar Power Benefit The World?"
3rd: Lucas Sergent & Kaleb Maynor, HMS, "Adopt A Hive"

Math Exploration:
1st: Daniel Curtis, WMS, "Math and Origami: From the Past for Our Future"
2nd: Olivia Grace, WMS, "The Pythagorean Theorem" 
3rd: Jake Bock, HMS, "Pythagorean Theorem"

Reverse Engineering:
1st: Anna Casdorph & Arika Quinlan, HMS, "Reverse Engineering (Box Fan)" 
2nd: Zachary Williams, WMS, "How Does a Stapler Work?"
3rd: Will Bradley & Michael Duncan, WMS, "What Makes a Speaker Work"

Robotics/Computer Sciences:
1st: Brendan Gallagher, WMS, "Unattended Door Access Control System (U.D.A.C.S.)"
2nd: Candace Clark, HMS, "How Does the Doodlebot Doodle?" 
3rd: Skylar Elliot, HMS, "Salt Water and Battery Powered Robots"

Rube Goldberg:
1st: Avery Carter, WMS, "Rube Goldberg Candy Machine"
2nd: Grey Miller, WMS, "The Can Destroyer"
3rd: Layne Moss, WMS, "How Can I Print A Document Using Simple Machines?"

Science Fiction:
1st: Tony Curtis, WMS, "C.A.G.E.S." 
2nd: Mariam AL-Zoubi, WMS, "The Earth's Stars" 
3rd: Fiona Sullivan, WMS, "Rebreed"

Scientific Inquiry: 
1st: Nicholas Lanham, WMS, "Tesla Coil Efficiency"
2nd: Michael Lanham, WMS, "Electromagnetic Propulsion" 
3rd: Julia Chambers, WMS, "Would You Drink This Water?"

Best Overall Projects went to:
1st: Nicholas Lanham (Winfield Middle)
2nd: Brendan Gallagher (Winfield Middle)
3rd: Anna Casdorph and Arika Quinlan (Hurricane Middle)

Way to go PCS Students and congratulations to all who participated!