Putnam County Schools 2018-2019 School Calendar

Putnam County Schools 2018-2019 School Calendar
Posted on 04/18/2018
School Calendar The Putnam County Board of Education adopted the attached calendar at a Special Meeting on April 17, 2018. The calendar will now be submitted to the WVDE for final review and subsequent approval. Based on feedback received, the calendar that was adopted by the BOE allows for the following: 

•    Equivalent time for late arrivals and early dismissals.
•    Equivalent time for faculty senate meetings held on instructional days (4) in addition to the faculty senate meetings held at the beginning and ending of the school term. *FS days on the calendar (bright blue).
•    Equivalent time to avoid having to reschedule or add instructional days to make-up for five instructional days missed due to school closures for inclement weather or other emergencies.
•    Equivalent time to schedule in advance up to five days or equivalent portions of days within the instructional term as professional learning days for educators/CE days and/or work days for service staff, in lieu of instructional days for students. *Listed as PL Days on the calendar.
•    Equivalent time remaining for other co-curricular activities.

Calendar Highlights:
•    The first day for 200 day employees is August 14 with the first day for students being Friday, August 17. The last day for students is June 4, and the last day for 200 day employees is June 7.
•    Two days prior to the first day for students will be preparation (P) days.
•    OS Day January 2
•    OS Day January 14
•    OS Day March 15
•    OS Day April 19 and 22
•    Spring Break April 1-5
•    Full week for Thanksgiving Break
•    7 Days for Christmas Break

PCS 2018-19 Calendar