Title I Parent Advisory Council


The Parent Advisory Council’s (PAC's) mission is to involve families, schools, and the community in the success of all children through active participation, clear understanding, communication, and adequate training.

Expectations and Responsibilities

  • Remember that you have been selected to represent all the parents and all the children in your Title I school.
  • Attend scheduled PAC meetings.
  • Share ideas and information with your Title I school.
  • Work collaboratively with your Title I school’s principal, parent liaison (if you have
    one), and Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) in order to increase parent involvement.
  • Participate and provide feedback regarding your Title I school’s parent involvement
    activities, policies, and use of its Title I parent involvement allocation.
  • Participate and provide feedback regarding the district’s Title I parent involvement policy and provide input on ways to improve communication and parent engagement.
  • Participate in Parent-Teacher Conferences.
  • Support Family Literacy activities at your Title I school.
  • Be a continuous learner by participating in workshops and training that enhance parenting skills and support student achievement.