Rock Branch 5th Graders Open Store 
The 5th graders at Rock Branch Elementary School are learning valuable life lessons and gaining practical skills with the managing of their school store.  The RBES Parent Teacher Organization offered the students the opportunity to man the store as part of the school's leadership program.  All proceeds from the sale of items are being used to fund the 5th grade classrooms' activities which include graduation, awards, end of year trip, yearbooks, picnic and talent show.  All the students are growing in their sense of responsibility and in their leadership skills.

In order to track sales, the students have been using their school iPads and the app Square Point of Sale.  This app allows the students to track item payments while providing various means of payment for customers.  The students use other apps on their iPads as a means of determining sales tax, tracking inventory and charting items sold each day the store is open.  The iPads give the students a peace of mind when working with money and sales.

Fifth grade student Hayden commented, "Doing the school store is fun and takes a lot of responsibility.  I have learned how to count back change quickly and do mental math in my head easily."

Principal Beth Scott explained, "The students who have been operating the school store have shown a variety of leadership skills and responsibility.  I am so proud of them and hope one day some of them choose to be small business owners!"

Items for sale in the school's store all have a school mascot theme.
Window Clings
Drawstring Bags
Bike Bottles
Stress Balls

Good luck to this entrepreneurial students!
Posted by kim.sigman On 16 March, 2017 at 3:28 PM  

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