Educational Technology Group Created 
We have created an Outlook group for individuals who are interested in educational technology.  This group is designed to meet the needs of Putnam County educators and staff by providing a space where individuals can communicate ideas, share websites, ask for assistance and post helpful tips and practices. 

The site now contains a document listing over 100 links to useful classroom and teacher websites.  These websites offer ways to:

Create map overlays
View historic documents
Make science simulations
Turn your monitor into a teleprompter
Check readability of documents
Search current events - on all grade levels
Find math manipulatives
Communicate with like minded people
Find math games

Currently the group members consist of several educators and administrators within Putnam County; however, if you would like to join the group, simply follow the directions below.

We look forward to sharing and working with all of you.

Join a group
  1. Open Outlook on the web.

  2. In the navigation pane, under Groups, select Discover. (If you don't see Discover, click More at the bottom of your groups list. Once all of your groups are displayed you should see the Discover link.)

    Discover button on the navigation pane in Outlook on the web

  3. All available groups will be listed in alphabetical order. Select the one you want and click Join. If the group is public, you'll see a confirmation message and become a member right away. If the group is private, type a reason why you want to join > Send.

    TIPS: How do you know at a glance whether a group is private? It's noted at the top of the group card, as in this example.

    Sample group card with "private group" highlighted

    Once you've joined a group you'll receive a welcome message that contains important information and links to help you get started. If the group is public, you'll get the message right away. If the group is private, you'll get the welcome message after you've been approved by group owner.

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