Finding Meaning in Games 
Many of us find it very effective to use interactive online games as a way to engage students in learning or offer remediation skills. Sometimes, we are not sure if there is an educational connection in using games in the classroom.  There are ways to help make this determination.

Common Sense Media can help teachers explore concerns regarding online/digital games and classroom usage.

*  Find the Learning in Games - If you would like to find the learning in games, check out this video and tips.  

*  Game Reviews - Currently using a game, click here for help in determining appropriateness.

*  Top Picks - Common Sense media has some top picks for games.

*  Teacher Suggestions - See what other teachers are using in their classrooms.

Games and Learning website has an article detailing the use of digital games in the classroom.

*  Teachers Surveyed on Using Digital Games in Class

Education World gives reasons for using games in the classroom - however, this is an article that advocates the use of hands-on type games.  

*  Games in the Classroom - Hands-on Works Well

Games have a valuable place in student learning and achievement.  Use the links above to ensure that you are using the right game for the right effect with your students.  Have fun.

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