Yammer and You 
Yammer   Yammer is essentially a social network that allows teachers and administrators across the WVDE k-12 world to talk to each other.  It is solely focused on our "business" - the k-12 network of staff.  It is a tool that allows teachers and educators to connect person to person.  This connection allows for the sharing of ideas, the collaboration on projects and the communication of strategies.  Yammer is a quick way to be part of a global exchange.

All of us work in many and varied sub-groups - groups that are dynamic and change throughout our careers.  We are not just teachers or administrators, we are also middle school teachers and track coaches and credit recovery specialists and computer geeks.  Sub-groups are those groups that we belong to and work within; Yammer helps us connect with others throughout the state who also belong to our sub-groups.

Yammer provides a succinct means of finding answers to our daily questions.  "Who has the date of the social studies conference?"  "How do you reset an iPad?"  "Where is the regional music festival this year?"  Questions like these can be posted to Yammer and tens of thousands of users are available to post a quick reply.  Yammer is sometimes called a vast network of "brains" ready to respond to our queries.

In addition, there is a Yammer group regarding the West Virginia Educators-Certification and Licensure which is open to anyone in the K-12 community.  This Yammer group will provide general information regarding certification and licensure changes and updates.

Below is a link to Mark Moore's introduction to Yammer.  It's really very simply to use; located within Office 365, simply click on the waffle, and choose Yammer.

Yammer Introduction

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